Danny Pudi Breaks Bad in ‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2 — and Loves It

You would be exhausting pressed to discover a higher display on TV than “Mythic Quest,” in no small phase due to Danny Pudi.


There’s simply one thing about humorous guys enjoying villains.

In truth, there’s a controversy to be made that what increased Walter White, the protagonist of “Breaking Dangerous,” to the extent of mythical antihero used to be the comedic sensibilities of Bryan Cranston. The collection, normally regarded as some of the highest TV dramas of all time, thrived as a result of Cranston’s innately genial charter added immediate intensity to a personality that can have been one observe. The actor, who to that time used to be highest recognized for nabbing 3 Emmy nominations for his position because the clueless dad in “Malcolm within the Heart,” knew his approach round a shaggy dog story and used to be ready to mix the pathos inherent to such a lot comedy with the threat of a legal mastermind, making White a personality for the ages.

Lurking some of the huge swamp of Height TV, there lurks some other such efficiency, person who pits the herbal aura and positivity of its actor towards the steely, unforgiving external of a much more sinister persona.

I really like to name it: Breaking Brad.

Odds are for those who’re acquainted with Danny Pudi’s paintings, you have been keen on NBC’s cult-hit, critical-darling “Neighborhood.” An ensemble comedy overseen by means of the deep-ish, dark-ish thoughts of Dan Harmon, “Neighborhood” featured a band of roustabouts and ne’er-do-wells that none-the-less become a grudging makeshift circle of relatives. Amongst the ones characters used to be Abed Nadir, who Pudi portrayed with strange attraction. Nadir noticed the arena thru a popular culture prism of his personal making, the usage of artwork to orient himself in lifestyles, versus vice versa. He used to be candy and being concerned, if mannered, and somebody who used to be unequivocally excellent, even if surrounded by means of much less savory compatriots.

At the floor, Pudi’s newest collection, Apple TV+’s severely acclaimed “Mythic Quest,” is reasonably very similar to “Neighborhood,” functioning as an ensemble comedy with a disparate batch of relatively unfinished adults marinating in combination in an attractive nerdy atmosphere. Targeted on a online game studio that produces an eponymous MMORPG, testers and engineers and bosses and writers all toil in combination to take a look at and stay innovating and reaping rewards their product, locking horns each and every step of the way in which.

Input head of monetization Brad Bakshi.

Brad, as performed by means of Pudi, isn’t such a lot a villain as he’s an antagonist. He cares now not for the inventive integrity of artists or the useless niceties of the place of work. In a global the place greed is excellent, and microtransactions are higher, Brad is king shit.

And Pudi loves it.

“On the subject of the variations between Danny and Brad, it’s so thrilling to step into anyone else’s sneakers for somewhat bit and be somebody new and to stroll of their sneakers to look how they see the arena,” Pudi mentioned in a contemporary interview with IndieWire. “Brad has this ruthlessness, this cold-bloodedness and his talent to be frank, to be actual, and now not care in any respect about what other people call to mind him. For me, this is in reality exciting to play.”

“I’ve at all times been an individual who struggled in many ways with how my phrases land with other people, or how I need other people to love me. It’s great to play somebody who doesn’t in reality care in any respect about that. He simply is excellent at his task. He’s assured in his personal pores and skin. And he’s now not afraid to mention what he feels.”

To look it in motion is, in a phrase, pleasant.

Mythic Quest Bonus Episode Danny Pudi

Danny Pudi in “Mythic Quest”

Courtesy of Apple TV+

As a result of Brad is all about energy and keep watch over, he purposes in large part as a clean slate and loose agent in “Mythic Quest.” His single-minded venture observation — which boils down roughly to “earn money” — leaves him running adjoining to, however now not for or with, many of the remainder of the corporate and lets in him to function an agent of chaos inside of Mythic Quest headquarters, verbally dunking on someone unlucky sufficient to offer him a gap.

“Despite the fact that Brad may also be ruthless, he can nonetheless throw those darts which can be simply in reality amusing zingers,” Pudi mentioned. “When David (David Hornsby) is dressed up for Everlight (a staff-wide dress-up pageant) he’s giving this entire speech in the toilet and Brad is solely status there listening. The entire time it seems like he’s paying attention to what David has to mention about Brené Brown and about this LARPing festival. And as a substitute, Brad simply says, ‘You pissed for your costume.’ It’s so actual, and it’s simply this sort of humorous line.”

However Season 2 has published that the nature, as is right of such a lot of other people, is one thing of an onion, and Pudi and “Mythic Quest” are greater than in a position to start out pulling off the layers.

“From the start, I used to be questioning the place we have been going and if we’d ever be informed somewhat bit extra about Brad’s previous, what ended in his compartmentalization or separation between paintings and private lifestyles,” he mentioned. “And so in Season 2, we get a possibility to be told somewhat bit extra about that. And it occurs when his circle of relatives intrudes upon his workspace, which to him is without equal kryptonite.”

It’s a construction that reasons Brad explicit strife because of the schism it creates in some other Season 2 construction: his mentor/mentee dating with new assistant Jo (Jessie Ennis). As soon as stuck in Brad’s thrall, satisfied that he’s the apex predator, Jo starts to query whether or not or now not she’s hitched her wagon to the unsuitable ruthless capitalist. Nonetheless, the chaotic chemistry the duo show onscreen is it seems that matched simplest by means of their comedic chemistry whilst filming.

“Season 2 turns into this new dynamic, the place the 2 of them sign up for forces and grow to be this threatening duo strolling throughout the halls. And I used to be in order that excited as a result of I believe Jessie is so humorous. She’s a herbal collaborator. And it’s necessarily two characters who assume they’re in ‘Succession’ on a comedy display,” Pudi mentioned.

Danny Pudi Mythic Quest

Danny Pudi and Jessie Ennis in “Mythic Quest”

Apple TV+

“Operating with Jessie is so amusing. It’s simply really easy to bop anything else off her,” he mentioned. “After which because the season went on, earlier than scenes, we’d discuss other gestures, villain frame language, we’d do TED Communicate palms, follow eyebrow raises, stroll step-and-step. The cloth wardrobe division jumped on board, they began matching our outfits somewhat bit. It become this glorious display inside of a display, and it used to be simply amusing to look how lets maximize our villainy.”

And for up to Brad is a departure from Pudi’s herbal disposition, there also are techniques during which he’s extra very similar to the actor than another persona he’s ever performed.

“Something this is fascinating is that that is the primary persona I’ve ever performed this is part Indian and part Polish, identical to me. And it’s in reality thrilling so as to do this,” Pudi mentioned. “However I believe Brad had an excessively other early life than I had. I believe the similarities most likely finish there.”

Even though, the actor identified, Brad did pass to university on a fencing scholarship; motion is essential to him. So it’s now not unthinkable that perhaps Brad has running wisdom of Polish dance, the similar approach that Pudi jumpstarted his efficiency profession with Polish folks dance.

Believe, if you’ll, a capitalist overlord with a secret lifestyles filled with Polish folks dance that nobody will ever find out about. Dang, perhaps Brad in reality is a genius supervillain, simply ready to take down “Mythic Quest” and, in the end, the arena with the ability of Polish folks dance.

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